One thought on “Is it time to give up on Australian content?

  1. I think Paris raises some great points. I totally agree that the time has not come to give up on Australian content but we have to find a way to grab the audiences attention whilst working within the constraints and limitations (such as smaller budgets) of the Australian film industry.
    I find the figures quoted by Paris worrying. Over 70% of people surveyed think the Australian film industry is necessary and they don’t want to see it go, yet they still don’t go to the cinema to watch it. This perhaps hints at the idea held by some that Australian movies don’t have anything to offer Australians because ‘we’ve seen it before’ and our films aren’t up to scratch with the overseas competitors.
    I believe the onus is on the producers of our film industry to find a way around this and capture the attention and trust of the Australian audience.


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