Free trade agreements and global cultural diversity

Naomi’s debate.

Taylor-Jayne’s debate.


One thought on “Free trade agreements and global cultural diversity

  1. Naomi’s post has successfully discussed whether Australia caters to diversity locally and globally. Very importantly, Naomi has commented on the lack of diversity in Australian films in comparison to the diverse population of Australia. Also mentioned is the classic Australian films portraying the outback scene that is no longer something that most Australians identify with. Featuring diverse backgrounds and locations would improve the Australian film industry’s portrayal of local stories.
    I was unaware about guidelines of the diversity that is encouraged in Australian film and television. These guidelines are not often followed however. Naomi give the example of ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Home and Away’ (the two most popular Australian television shows) features predominately Anglo Saxon characters. To make these guidelines stricter, or enforce the inclusion of diverse characters may result in producers creating token roles that present stereotypes rather than diversity.
    “Culture should no longer be viewed as a by product of development in Australia, instead it should be viewed as the essence for sustainable evolvement in the future.” This is a great summation by Naomi of a better way of looking at diversity and culture in the film industry.


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