Articles, Blogs and Videos

Advance Australian Film is actually a documentary on the Australian film industry, and an investigation into how to promote and reinvigorate the genre. The full documentary is not available here, but the trailer on the homepage gives a bit of an idea of what it is about.

An Australian-based personal blog, Australian Film Review offers a variety of information on film from the Australian perspective. It also welcomes contributions, so may provide a variety of alternative sources. However, due to the casual nature of the blog, it would be best supported by industry and academic evidence.

Written by a Research Manager at Screen Australia, ‘Explainer: where’s the audience for Australian films’ dissects the Australian film industry in terms of release, related to place and time.

Australian based online journal discussing cinema, in particular Australian cinema.

An online (non-official) space to support and promote Australian cinema.

An Australian film consumer magazine which includes previews, interviews and reviews, amonst other things.

An article discussing the issues Australian films face in the local audience.

Has various film reviews etc. in Archives section of blog.


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